Building a esp8266 based weather sensor

Posted by Markus Benning on September 07, 2017

In a previous post i wrote about integration of a netatmo weather station into a telegraf/influxdb/grafana stack. The second part of the project was to build a weather sensor for my basement and to integrate it into this stack.

The used esp8266 is a cheap low-power 32bit microcontroller often used for IoT devices. I used a Sparkfun “The Thing” board because it already has a LiPo-charger and a connector for an external antenna on board. But the board has no build in serial/usb connector. You have to connect a USB-RS232 temporary for programming the chip. I used a simple FTDI breakout.

The sensor chip is a DHT22. A digital sensor for temperature and humidity. Since it uses a digital protocol wiring is really easy. Just connect it to 3V3 and GND for power and to a GPIO pin for data.

On the software side i used ESPEasy which is a complete firmware for the esp with everything included. It just must be compiled and falshed. Then everything can be configured by browser. I patched it a little bit to also calculate the value for absolute humidity.

I’m using the build-in “OpenHAB MQTT” connector to upload values to an mosquitto mqtt broker. This format could be read with telegraf with the following configuration:

 servers = ["mosquitto:1883"]
 qos = 0
 topics = [
 persistent_session = false
 client_id = ""
 data_format = "value"
 data_type = "float"
 username = "<user>"
 password = "<secret>"


The finished board.

Prototype on breadboard