mtpolicyd 1.21 has been released

Version 1.21 has been released.

Get the sources from: or from CPAN.

What has changed:

  • New feature vhost_by_policy_context
    New option vhost_by_policy_context will if activated tell mtpolicyd to select the VirtualHost based on the policy_context.For example in postfix use advanced syntax:

    In mtpolicyd.conf:

    The policy_context feature will be available in postfix 3.1 and later.
  • New plugin SMTPVerify
    The SMTPVerify plugin implements address verification at a remote SMTP server with MAIL FROM and RCPT TO commands. It support the following checks:

    • check if the remote SMTP server would accept mail for a address.
      Apply actions or scores if a permanent or temporary error is returnedIf the
    • remote server support the SIZE extension the SIZE will be passed to the remote SMTP server. This way it could be checked if the message exceeds the message size limit or the quota limit of the recipient.
    • Check if the remote SMTP server announces support for STARTTLS
    • Check if there is a TLSA record for the remote SMTP server
    • Check if there is OPENPGPKEY for the recipient

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