Postfix – HISTORY

Treat SASL_FAIL and SASL_NOMEM as temporary errors.
Markus Benning. File: xsasl/xsasl_cyrus_server.c.

… Feature: SMTPD policy service “policy_context” attribute and smtpd_policy_service_policy_context parameter. Originally, to share the same SMTPD policy service endpoint among multiple check_policy_service clients. Markus Benning. Files: mantools/postlink, proto/SMTPD_POLICY_README.html, proto/postconf.proto, global/mail_params.h, global/mail_proto.h, smtpd/smtpd.c, smtpd/smtpd_check.c.

… Feature: smtpd_policy_service_request_limit to limit the number of requests per Postfix SMTP server policy connection. This is a workaround to avoid error-recovery delays with policy servers that cannot maintain a persistent connection. Based on code by Markus Benning. Files: global/mail_params.h, mantools/postlink, proto/SMTPD_POLICY_README.html, proto/postconf.proto, smtpd/smtpd.c, smtpd/smtpd_check.c, util/attr_clnt.[hc].

amavisd-new – release notes

– A log template macro ‘report_json’ can now take arguments, which can
include or exclude fields (key/values) from the JSON report object.
Based on a patch by Markus Benning.

– Two new configuration settings are added: %smtpd_tls_server_options
and %smtp_tls_client_options.
Suggested by Marc Grooz and Patrick Ben Koetter, based on a patch
by Markus Benning.

… – use a perl module File::LibMagic when available, instead of spawning a file(1) utility for classifying contents of mail parts. By using a direct interface to a libmagic library the startup cost of spawning an external process is avoided. Benchmarking shows that using libmagic is significantly faster especially for checking a small number of files – takes 4 ms for checking one file with libmagic vs. 27 ms with a spawned file(1); based on a patch by Markus Benning;

MySQL – Changes in Release 4.0.14 (18 July 2003):

… Added --read-only option to cause mysqld to allow no updates except from slave threads or from users with the SUPER privilege. (Original patch from Markus Benning).

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