mtpolicyd version 1.14 released

Posted by Markus Benning on December 29, 2014

Version 1.14 of the mtpolicyd has been released.

New Features:

  • Stress Plugin.

    Trigger an action if postfix is under stress.

  • Added on_error option to plugins.

    If set to continue and the plugin dies mtpolicyd will continue with processing instead of returning an error:

    <Plugin fault>
      module = "Faulty"
      on_error = "continue"
  • Application level profiling has been added.

    A small profiler has been added to record request timings. Timings will be logged at log level 3. Plugins may add their own timings thru the following API:

    Mail::MtPolicyd::Profiler->tick('doing something');
    # do something
    Mail::MtPolicyd::Profiler->tick('finished something');